Why I love Street Photography?

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Do you love street photography? Do you love to capture raw emotions of people or the story behind?

Well if yes, I’m with you. Street photography is very honest form of photography. It is not staged, very dynamic and evoke questions. It is reality, and often you click what you see. Here are some reasons that I fell in love with street photography absolutely.

• This is a creative outlet for me. Being real, when I started photographing street, I was studying in high school. And that’s how I escaped the stress of all the study and nuisance was going around me. At first, even I couldn’t figure out what I was doing. Going out at dawn, clicking random images and people but I was happy. And now this is why I do. The passion is always there with me.

• Street photography is very dynamic. People are always moving. Stories are always being born. So it was challenging for me at first but it also helped me building my foundations in photography. It helped me increase my reaction speed and a pair of agile eyes that always looks for something to happen.

• Street photography is never the same. I can go to same place everyday and the photos I capture will be different. This is the fun of this genre. The rush, the people, the story everything will be different. This is unpredictable. That’s why I love to go to crowded places. The moments I find there is exhilarating.

• I wasn’t good at socializing with people. I felt awkward at times. But while photographing strangers, it is bound to happen that they may ask why I’m taking their pictures. So it was also a great practice for me to gain confidence and improve on my socializing skills. Also socializing with strangers let me know their stories and now it has become a habit for me. When I go out to take images, I look forward to meet with new people and learn to tell their stories though my lens.

• Street photography has been relevant since 1930 when it became a mainstream genre. When I see and study the images of past, I see those eras. So in a sense I’m also documenting my time. This is really fun thing to do, don’t you think?

• I live in India and there are lots and lots of festivals. Different cultures, and huge varieties. Clicking in different time is different kind of practices for me. And this habit has also improved my skills in event photography and wedding photography. Street photography is like a wholesome package where you need to know technicalities. And you keep learning the more you go.

• As I said, I was a student when I started clicking street. And I can vouch for you that you don’t need any fancy gear to take artistic awesome images. You all have mobile phones right? That’ll do. It’s that easy. All you need is sense for images and any device. And statistically, smaller the camera, it’s better at the job. As it is not eye catching when you’re trying to capture someone candidly. Awesome gear sometimes can also ruin the moment you’re trying to capture.

• I love traveling around. Capturing street and making it as profession is also captivating to me because I can run around. The more you travel, the more you become appreciative towards society. This is also a great practice and you don’t need excuses for travel. Isn’t that a plus?

In conclusion, I’ve learnt more doing street photography practically than watching videos or others work. It let me take control of the camera while capturing what I’ve no control of. From basic to advanced, from amateur to someone who knows his stuff, through my evolution, this has been constant. It is great fun to me and I encourage you to give it a go too…

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