How to make Presets in Lightroom

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Do you know how to make Presets in Lightroom? If you don’t know then here is a step by step guide and you can just follow along.

Presets and filters are similar in a manner but filter is predetermined while presets, which are made in Lightroom will give you a personal feel as it is totally made by you from the beginning. And also presets can be a good starting point too. Here are the step by step guide to make the preset.

1. Import the image you want to edit in Lightroom.

2. Edit your image as you want it too and make sure not to use gradient filter, radial filter or exposure in the editing as it varies image to image.

3. Now when the image looks like you want it too, check for preset tab in the left side on the screen.

4. There you can find the ‘+’ button, click on it and you’ll see the option ‘Create Preset’.

5. Then a tab will open where you’ll find the edits you made in the image. You’ll see the box where you can select if want to not implement any settings or if not, then check all and create.

6. You can rename your Preset as you want it and the preset will be under ‘User Preset’.

7. Congratulations, you have created your own preset. You can simply click on it and the edit you made will be auto implemented.

That’s it folks. Now you know how to create your own presets. Do it asap and enjoy. It will surely shorten the time required for the edit. And also you can have a solid starting point.

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